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Functional Skills

Functional Skills

  1. Offering Help or Things (menawarkan bantuan / menawarkan sesuatu)
Untuk menawarkan bantuan, dapat digunakan ungkapan-ungkapan berikut:
- May I help you?  - Can I help you?
- Could I help you?
- How can I be of assistance to you?
- How can I be of help to you?
- What can I help you
- What can I do for you?  - How can I assist you?
- How can I help you?
- Let me help you?
- Do you want me to help you?
- Shall I …?
Cara memberi tawaran seperti menawarkan makanan atau minuman dalam bahasa Inggris lazimnya dengan menggunakan ungkapan Would you like…?, Would you care for …?, why don’t you have…?, How about having …? May I offer you …?

Tawaran Respon
- Would you like some bread?                                            Yes, please.
- Would you care for some coffee?                         No, thanks. I don’t drink coffee.
- Why don’t you have some biscuit, please?                        Thanks, I’d love to.
Jawaban untuk menerima tawaran antara lain: Yes please, Sure, Why not, Ofcourse, Certainly, I’d love to, It’s a good idea, That’s great. Untuk menolak tawaran digunakan ungkapan seperti: No, thanks, Please don’t bother, I’d love to but…, That’s great but…
  1. 2. Introducing (memperkenalkan)
Memperkenalkan Dri Memperkenalkan Orang Lain
- I’d like to introduce myself.   - My I introduce myself?
- Let me introduce myself!       
- I want to introduce myself
- I’d like you to meet … (nama)   - This is my friend/boss/etc…(nama)
- Have you met…(nama)?
- May I introduce you to …(nama/jabatan)
- Let me introduce you to ….
- I want to introduce you to ….
  1. Inviting (mengundang/mengajak)
  Undangan/Ajakan Menolak Menerima
- let’s + V1        - Why don’t we …?    
- How about…?
- I’d like to invite you to…
- Would you like to…?
- I wonder if you’d like to
- I’m sorry I can’t  - I’d like to but…
- I’m afraid I can’t
- No, let’s not.
- I’d love to   - I’d like very much
- I’d be happy/glad to
- Yes, I’d be delighted to.
- That’s good ide
  1. Expressing Thanks (terimakasih)
Ungkapan Respon
Thank you  Thank you very much
Thank you very much for… (kata benda)
I’m grateful for…(kata benda/noun)
You are welcome.  That’s all right
Not at all
Don’t mention it
Thet’s all right
Any time
  1. Congratulations (ucapan selamat)
Ungkapan Respon
Congratulations  Congratulations on …
I’d like to congratulate you.
I’d like to congratulate you on…
It was great to hear…
It was to hear about….
Happy birthday to you.
Happy new year.
Good luck!
Have a nice holiday
Thank you  Thank you and the same to you
Thank you. I need it.
Thank you very much.
  1. Sympathy (menyatakan rasa simpati)
Ungkapan-ungkapan perasaan simpati atas mala petaka/musibah yang dialami orang lain diantaranya:
  • I’m sorry to hear that
  • Oh, that’s too bad.
  • How awful!
  • How terrible!
  • Poor!
  1. Pleasure, Displeasure (senang & tidak senang)
Pleasure/senang Displeasure/tidak senang
It’s really delightful/Iam delighted  I’m satisfied
That’s great
That’s wonderful
It’s really a great pleasure
I’m dissatisfied  We are fed up with…
I feel dosappointed
She is extremely displeased
  1. Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction ( kepuasan, ketidakpuasan)
Ketika kita akan mengungkapkan kepuasan atas kerja seseorang, kita dapat gunakan ungkapan:
  • Well done!
  • Great! Good work
  • I am satisfied with your work
  • You did well
  • Your job is satisfactory
  • I am so happy about this
  • I’m glad to what you’ve done
  • It’s really satisfying
Katika kita akan mengungkapkan ketidakpuasan atas kerja seseorang, kita dapat gunakan:
  • I’m not satisfied with work
  • You haven’t done well enough
  • I am really dissappointed
  • Sorry, but your work is not satisfactory
  • Oh, no!
  • It’s not very nice
  • It’s really not good enough
  1. Asking & Giving Opinion (meminta & memberi pendapat)
Asking Opinion Giving opinion
How was the trip?  How do you like your new house?
How do you think of Rina’s idea?
How do you feel about this dicition?
What is your opinions of the movie?
What are your feelings about it?
I think (that)….  In my opinion….
As I see, …
If you ask me, I feel…
10.  Agreement/approval, Disagreement/disapproval (setuju, tidak setuju)
Ketika kita merasa sependapat dengan opini orang lain, kita bisa mengatakan:
  • So do I
  • Yes, I agree with you
  • It is certainly
  • Exactly
  • That’s what I want to say
  • I am with you
  • I am on your side
Ketika kita merasa tidak sependapat dengan opini orang lain, kita bisa mengatakan:
  • Well, I don’t think so
  • I don’t think that is true
  • I disagree with …
  • I wouldn’t say that
  • Exactly not
  • I can’t say so
  • On contrary
  • I don’t buy that idea
11.  Fear, Anciety (ungkapan ketakutan, kegelisahan)
Fear Respon
I am afraid  I am feared
I am scared
I am terrified
The sound is horrifying
Don’t be afraid  There is nothing to be afraid of
It is nothing
Anciety Respon
I am worried about…  I am anxious to know about…
I wondered if…
That made me worried
I have been thinking about ….
I am afraid if…
Take is easy  Calm down
I know you are worried but…
It is not a big deal
Don’t worry
Stay cool
12.  Pain, Relief (ungkapan kesakitan, kelegaan)
Pain Relief
Ouch!  That was hurt
It is painful
It hurts me
I’ve got a backache/toothache/stomachache
I feel sore all over
My eyes hurt
I’m very relieved to hear…  Finally, it was over
I feel relieved
I feel much better
I’m glad it’s over
That’s a great relief
I’m extremely glad to hear…
Thank goodness for that
What a relief!
13.  Like/Love & Dislike/Hate (suka/cinta & tidak suka/benci)
Like Dislike
I love it  I like it
I am keen on it
I am crazy about it
We all enjoy
(benda/noun/gerund)…is my cup of tea
I don’t really like it  I dislike it
I am not really interested in…
I can’t enjoy…
(benda/noun/gerund)…is not my cup of tea
I can’t stand
I hate it
14.  Embarrassment & Annoyance (Ungkapan rasa malu, kejengkelan)
Embarrassment Annoyance
I am embarrassed  I feel ashamed
Oh my God
Shame on me
I don’t feel comfortable
I feel awkward
I am annoyed  I had enough with it
I can’t bear it any longer
You made me annoyed
You are such a pain in the neck
You made me sick
15.  Request (permintaan)
Request Acceptance Refusal
Would it be possible for                                                      you to  Would you be so kind as to
Would you…,please?
Would you mind …?
Any chance of…
Can you…?
I should be delighted to come  By all means
I have no objection
I’d be happy to
No problem
I regret to say that we find ourselves unable to go  I’m afraid it’s not possible
I’m afraid not
No, I won’t
Not likely
You must be joking
16.  Complaint, Blame (keluhan,menyalahkan)
Complaint Blame
I’m not at all satisfied with the service  I really do/must objec to the service
I take great exception to…
I want to complain about…
This is crazy!
You’re the one to blame  It’s your fault!
It’s your mistake!
You’re wrong
17.  Regret, Apology (penyesalan, meminta maaf)
Regret Apology
Much to my regret  Sadly, I ….
I’m terribly sorry
I honestly regret that I …
Sorry, I …
Please accept my apologies for what I did  Please forgive me for what I did
I am extremely sorry
I really must apologies
May I offer you my sincerest apologies?
18.  Possibility & Impossibility (kemungkinan & ketidakmungkinan)
Menyatakan Kemungkinan Menanyakan Kemungkinan
I think there is possibility to …  I sassume/believe…
In all probability,…
it is going to be possible for me to…
that will probably …
it’s quite possible …
Do you think he/it could…?  Would you say we’re capable of…?
Are you capable of…?
Are you able to…?
Do you have any experience of…?
Can you…?
Do you know how to…?
Do you think you can…?


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