Rabu, 11 April 2012

Firts Love

Short stories: first love First Love
 I knew him since I was 14 years old, and since then I feel strange.
Either what I think at that time, I could not understand what was going on at that time, I like a person who could not sure of direction.

While I am aware of it I started to fall in love, yes I fell in love for the first time But I was unable to do what I want to do.
I just admire it from a distance, I was only able to see her smile from my place here from sitting at that time.
I saw him laugh and see the play ball in the field.
I really fell in love, this is my first love ...
The male point of view I look handsome with his style is distinctive and I like yg it. ..
His eyes are very beautiful, her hair is kriting add this chest vibration in. ..

Huuuuh i like her , really likes him .
Think this is getting in .
Every day i want to just to see his face .
One day i see lifting his eyes , 's eyes very cool .
Capable of making this heart berdegup faster .
And finally i can start near goggle- him , i am very happy .
Until the other day , i 'm afraid of what 's going on , he 's gone .
Go without the final message .
Now , am and memories of that .
I can only remember , remember all his smile and beautiful eyes .
I walk unsteadily while shed tears , tear- loss .
Him , would never know how i was at that time , when he went off me .
I 'm unable to say anything , i just crying in silence , regretted it all .
I tried to stand firm , i tried to keep for covering cuts this , a wound that you gave .
I tried to be happy with what i milikki that moment .
I tried to stay goggle- senyumanku .
Yaa of the lord , take care of her for her away from the
In penantianku , there 's a guy come goggle- bring a million love
I still wanna be quiet , and still waiting for my love back in pelukku .
But his presence made me to laugh like old times . but really in this heart there are still the name of my first love .
I can only a moment 's laugh , after it back to cry in diamku , in penantianku .
For a while , sakitku terobati by its presence in sepiku .
But only temporary and after that we split .
Years had been changed yet my love never came back .
I keep waiting , waiting in this uncertainty .
Until the other day , i know he 's not alone anymore , she has a lover .
I hancuuuur that moment .
I have to see my first love with his women that .
I 'm crying sejadi � � � ( it is :
I kept crying in diamku , i can no longer smile when it is .
It 's like my heart is very sick at that time , my heart is 1 and finally crumbling to pieces .

It 's like my heart is very sick at that time , my heart is 1 and finally crumbling to pieces .
Of the lord , why is this happening to me ? ?
I cover my heart rapuhnya goggle- my own way .
And i tried to turn away but it 's always fail .
I 've finaily found a man , very i hope it will in his stead .
But it turns out i 'm wrong , everything i tried to fail ...
Who knows what i feel that moment , i galau .
I 'm disappointed .
I had to settle he 's with his women � � �
But i am not as strong as the i suppose , i wish i could but it turns out i don 't
Capable of .
I 'm too brittle for it .
But i do not despair i keep waiting and i just cry in diamku .
I prayed , someday he can understand rasaku is j
After the change .
The lord heard my prayer , i return can close to my first love that .
Ahhh , pleased i this : d
Lama-kelamaan i closer to he-
And now she is no longer shadow ; but he is the reality .
My struggle for 4tahun is not undone , thank god : *
I will be love you , until the end of time my boy j

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